The Cat In The Hat - Brazil

A video game based on The Cat in the Hat film was released for PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Game Boy Advance on November 5, 2003, and PC on November 9, 2003, shortly before the film's theatrical release. A version for the Nintendo GameCube was canceled. The plot of the game is different from the movie; instead of Conrad unlocking the Cat's Crate, Larry Quinn unlocks it and steals the Lock to it. Playing as the Cat, the player must go through thirteen levels through the transformed house and chase down Larry, who is collecting the magic released from the Crate for himself, and defeat him to get the Lock (called the "Crablock" in-game) back and re-lock the Crate before the children's mother returns home.[59] The game received critically mixed reviews[38][39][40][42][43][44] (except for the PC version, which received negative reviews).[41][45] The video game was banned in Brazil due to copyright issues.